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One year blogging

One year ago on Friday, I started blogging. I created my first weblog and made my first post, to announce my first open source project, Python Community Server. Since then, just about everything computer-related I've done in my spare time has had something to do with blogging.

The first weblog I regularly read was Joel On Software. I found out about Dave Winer's Scripting News when looking for information on SOAP (during my brief period of contribution to the Mono project), and that lead me to Radio UserLand and much hacking on community servers.

Blogging has brought me in touch with loads of new people -- notably Rogers Cadenhead, who appeared one day on my blog server, Robert Barksdale, who's still blogging there, and Georg Bauer, who's pretty much taken over the work on the PyCS project. More recently Seb Paquet (Mr. Personal Publishing), Marc Canter (International Man of Mystery) and Matt Mower. The ecosystem project brought out N.Z. Bear and many others. Somewhere in the middle of all that, Stephen Dulaney (who does research into social behaviour when he's not writing software) started writing to me out of the blue, and we've had some great conversations.

So thanks, guys, for making my last year much more interesting, helping me grow as a programmer and inspiring me to hack up new tools and sites. I wonder where we'll be next year ...