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Getting my CD writer working

The aforementioned nForce2 box has a CD writer. Finally got around to getting it going today. It turns out that to get it going under Linux, you have to fool the kernel into thinking it's actually a SCSI drive

If you have to do this, the following script will make life easier for you. Save it as /usr/bin/cdburn, and from now on use cdburn instead of cdrecord.

BTW try cdburn -scanbus first to make sure that it works. If you get an error about not finding /dev/pg* or you needing to be root, try rebooting or removing all the modules and running it again. It didn't work for me until I tried running cdrecord in the experimental ATAPI mode, which locked the system up, forcing me to reboot.



rmmod ide-cd
rmmod cdrom
modprobe scsi_mod
modprobe sg
modprobe ide-scsi
modprobe cdrom
modprobe sr_mod

cdrecord $*

rmmod sr_mod
rmmod cdrom
rmmod ide-scsi
rmmod sg
rmmod scsi_mod
modprobe cdrom
modprobe ide-cd