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New findings about Rogers Cadenhead

The truth about rcade? (Workbench)

bzero bug fix

bzero v0.03 out - fixes a calendar drawing bug that was screwing up my calendar when I posted today ;-)
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Sri Chimnoy spam report

A while back I noticed a whole heap of URLs with 'srichinmoy' in the name showing up in my ecosystem's daily URL-suck from I didn't do anything about them, but coming back to the ecosystem a couple of days ago I see that they have risen quite high in the rankings. That's not good.

Then, today, I noticed that andersja has seen this, and Mo Morgan has a page tracking the spam domains. Interesting.

The way to fix this is to implement some sort of spam-proofing system like the one Google uses to cut link farms out of the equation (the PageRank equation, that is). Kind of like garbage collection, the technique that languages like Lisp, Python and Java (among many others) use to get rid of unused data in running software: look at all the links inside the ecosystem and look for groups of pages that only refer to each other, then prune them out. Real weblogs connect to each other: if you can't find a path from to a blog, it's probably spam.

Hey, I wonder if (in the apps area) will do this. Hmm.

Update: Here's the ecosystem stats page for No links from 'real blogs', although and will form a path that will stop my garbage collector idea from working. I'm going to have to hack together something like PageRank or Raph Levien's technique.