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More on vCalendars and blogging

(continued the pycs noteblog)

Here's what Morbus Iff has been up to: an ICS version of his blog, that you can presumably read in a calendar app. Here's his commentary.

Sounds like an interesting new feature for bzero ;-)
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Ecosystem past 9000

Doc Searls points out that the ecosystem is past 9000 blogs now. Wow!

It's about time I got around to doing something interesting with the ecosystem data. The WMDI people seem to be progressing well on the spec for metadata. Maybe I should get it to output RDF? Does anybody have any link analysis tools that work with RDF?

Doc notes that it doesn't take into account the level of traffic that blogs receive. The reason for this is that it's not possible (at the moment) to extract that sort of data, because I can't get at other people's server logs. I wonder: what sort of correlation is there between blogrolled-ness and traffic? I suspect there will be a higher correlation between PageRank and traffic; a link from Glenn Reynolds will get you rather a lot of traffic, whereas a link from my my PyCS noteblog will get you very little (2 or 3 hits, if you're lucky), but they count equally in the ecosystem.
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