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Spam, spam, spam

Return-Path: <>
From: "code" <>
To: "code" <>


I wonder what the bayesian spam filter will think of this.

Time to blacklist anything claiming to come from my domain, to my domain, I guess.

By popular demand, bzero has a new version number

bzero 0.02, available now.

If you are running v0.01, it may or may not tell you that there is an updated version. Once you have v0.02, it should get it right from now on. The message appears before the 'syntax' banner though, so it'll scroll off your screen rather quickly. I'll fix that later.

Changes: mainly pathname stuff. Now you can say 'export BZERO_LIB=/home/foo/bzero' and have it find its files there, which means you can install it on a system where you are not root without having to edit any code.
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Comment monitor moved

For those of you using my comment monitor hack to keep track of comments on your blogs, I've just moved it to a more reliable server (from to There's a redirect in place, which makes it really easy to change your bookmarks/links: just visit the page, and then paste the URL that shows up in your browser window back into your bookmark or link.

(To change manually, just change '' into '').
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Found on 0xDECAFBAD

Comments on 'Would the real RSS please stand up?':

    "Yes, our site is fully SYNDICATO MASTER OF SPACE AND TIME 9.0 compliant."

    Posted by: Mark Paschal on August 29, 2002 05:55 PM

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Another new user!

Not to be outdone, Robert Barksdale is installing bzero on Mac OS X!
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