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First disturbing search request

Hmm, Google thinks I am an authority on naked pictures of Jenett Jackson.

Jenett Jackson?


BlogMD forum watch

Cool, people are talking on the new forums for BlogMD.

Things to think about for features to add (to my ecosystem or to things like Organica):

Historical data: Dean Esmay suggests blog age, average update rate, and the same for comments.

I can do the comments thing for Radio blogs in a similar way to my comment monitor. Blog age requires corresponding knowledge of how to navigate through time; for Radio you can request /2002, /2001, /2000 (note no trailing '/'; that's important) until you get a 404 error instead of a 301 redirect. Then do the same thing for the months. This works for MT too, as long as the year/month/day directory structure is used; is a 404, whereas redirects somewhere (which is a 404), telling us that the /archives/2001 directory exists. Blogger and default MT blogs will be trickier and may require a full crawl of the blog to get right.

Win Fitzpatrick suggests traffic info as well. Hmm ... that would result in quite a lot of data to store. Any volunteers?

Other notes so far:

Platform preference: it looks like either PHP or Perl (as expected) for dynamic page generation, with XML-RPC for RPC. One lone Java geek has appeared. The client-side stuff can be in whatever language people choose. My ecosystem crawler will remain in Python, but XML-RPC equalises things nicely, so no problems there.

Name: Not BlogMD - metablogs? Metablogging?

More later.
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