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tech notes and web hackery from a new zealander who was vaguely useful on the web back in 2002 (see: python community server, the blogging ecosystem, the new zealand coffee review, the internet topic exchange).

2002-8-12 not in the ecosystem

Dave points out that itself isn't in the ecosystem.

My response: It's not there because it doesn't ping itself ;-)

But seriously, it should probably be in there. Like the ecosystem itself (which I finally got around to putting in the other day) the outgoing link count won't mean much, but it could be interesting to see how many inbound links it gets.

I've put it in the list; it'll show up after the next update.

Are there any other important sites that I've forgotten?
... more like this: []

My ISP sucks

In case anybody's been trying to get mail to me in the last day or so, I had a bit of a mail outage due to the fact that my ISP sucks. I changed the DNS authority for my domain over to ZoneEdit (which is very good - try it out) and my ISP promptly stopped accepting mail for me. Bastards.

Anyway, a quick DNS change (made possible by ZoneEdit; did I mention how extremely handy it is?) to use the mail server at Sevaa (which is also very cool: the guy there really knows what he is on about, is very responsive and can fix anything on very short notice).


So now mail should go through to me, but if you've got a bounce message from, please resend whatever it was. If you haven't heard from me but also haven't got a bounce message, you should be fine. I have a bit of a backlog of mail at the moment, so the reply to you is probably just waiting in my 'Drafts' folder :)