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Looks like it works

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bzero does images better now

bzero now handles images slightly better; you can say bzero postimg (blogname) (imagefile) and it will copy the image into the right place and open the editor with a pre-made <img src="..." />tag for you.

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Photoblog back in action

See: trees in the sun

I actually took this one ages ago, but didn't post it at the time. I've got a few older pictures to work through (I'll post them over the next few days, probably) - check back soon!

More on backing stuff up

It looks like UserLand is also working on backing up weblog data to the community server. They're using RSS 2.0, which is an interesting idea. It'll make the data a little more 'approachable'. Brent Simmons has made a blog explorer app that will present all the data.

I've decided that bzero will support this format as well as its own internal one (mentioned earlier). In fact, I've already got it to generate RSS backups for months of blog posts, and they seem to work OK.

The index file for the backup of this weblog is at, if you want to have a go with Brent's tool. You can also see the backup for devlog at Tell me if they work; I don't have a Mac so I can't test them. Update: Jeremiah Rogers is having trouble with his files, and says mine don't work either. I've added some extra info -- do they work now?

BTW, bzero's generated RSS does indeed validate ;-)
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