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metaWeblog improvements

Dave Winer: Brent Simmons has a feature request for the MetaWeblog API.

I sent Jake Savin a patch for Radio to implement exactly this over a month ago. No idea what's happened to it.

On the topic of things getting lost inside UserLand, I also sent Jake code to implement proper comment feeds for Frontier/RCS. That's why I haven't been doing any more work on the comment monitor; it's meant to be obsolete by now. It's still chugging along fine though, happily finding comments for me on my many Radio/bzero blogs. Anyone interested in getting bits of comment text in their aggregator rather than the one-line notes my service gives you, drop jake or dave at a mail to tell them to hurry up plugging in my code ;-)
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Udell on NuMega

Ecosystem ideas

The ecosystem's been getting a lot of attention, due to Mark Pilgrim's new Recommended Reading application.

Seb Paquet writes in today:
Hi Phil, here's another idea for the ecosystem.
How about making three sections instead of two: links to a weblog, links from a weblog, and reciprocal links (blogs that are both linked by a weblog and link to that weblog)?

That's a good idea. I'll think about doing this.

BTW - anyone who thinks they should be on the ecosystem but can't find their blog, drop me a line. The crawler only looks at, so it misses rather a lot of blogs that should really be there. Sorry to Marc -- his blog should show up in the next day or two, when the current ecosystem refresh finishes.