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New bzero mini-feature

bzero now lets you upstream arbitrary files to the community server, as well as blogs and stories. This will open the door to interesting stuff like site backups and synchronisation across multiple machines.

Browse my backup directory to see the source files that make up this weblog; I'm upstreaming them already. I'll make an index of them too sometime so it'll be easy to pull them all down and recreate the weblog on another machine. In fact, that function's already built into the community server (RCS at least -- I don't think I ever bothered to put it into PyCS), so I shouldn't need to. Hmm.
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I'm bored. And I don't have any chocolate biscuits.


If you want to make PDFs in Windows but can't afford to buy the real Acrobat Distiller, check out Free PDF.  The web page is cheesy, but the code works.  It's a collection of a few things that make it possible to generate PDFs from any application:

  • RedMon, which redirects printer output to a program, in this case
  • FreePDF, a Python GUI app that takes PostScript output from RedMon and saves it to a file, then calls
  • GhostScript, which can convert PostScript into PDF

Phew.  The install process is a little daunting, but the price is right.  And now I can print to PDF.  Nice.