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Structured procrastination

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UserLand global shortcuts

The UserLand Global Shortcuts are cool. There are some things in there that probably don't belong in bzero though ... '', for example ;-)
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Now reading UserLand shortcuts

That was easier than I expected. It took Dave Winer one line of UserTalk code to convert his shortcuts into XML, and it took me five lines of Python to read them back in. Nice. I like XML-RPC -- it makes it very easy to serialise scripting-language-friendly data structures to XML and get them back out.

import xmlrpclib
p, u = xmlrpclib.getparser()
shortcuts = u._stack[0]


bzero now does shortcuts. More details when 0.11 is all ready. Wondering whether to include UserLand's standard shortcut list. I seem to remember Dave Winer saying somewhere that they didn't mind people doing that. Hmm.
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