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*More* blogging tools

Hey, here's another one: "Rantelope" by Michal Wallace of Cornerhost.

Here's the demo site. Looks like he's making it into a web app. Major choice. My blogging app runs on the client, mainly to make it different from the big names (except Radio, the app that got me into this whole blogging thing in the first place, and which does the client-side thing very well). IMHO there are enough server-based blogging tools already. It's more fun to work on something different, and there's more flexibility on the client.
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Aggregator front ends in development

Looks like a few people are working on desktop front-ends for the Radio aggregator. Things aren't working for Rogers Cadenhead (using Java), but Matt Croydon has got something running in C#, and has a nice screenshot of 'Aggregator Sharp' subscribing to Second p0st.

For people who read Second p0st but not PyCS-dev, last week I did a quick port (source code included) of Dave Winer's 'aggyBaby' static aggregator page generator to Python; it connects to a local Radio instance, pulls out all the available news items, and saves them out to one big HTML file. That's not nearly as interesting as the desktop front ends people are creating, though :-)

Messing with mailing lists

It looks like the pycs-devel archives at SourceForge have disappeared off the face of the earth, so I've written another mailing list to blog converter, this time using bzero instead of Movable Type.

Here are the results: the new pycs-devel archive. Here's my message saying that it worked and Dean Goodmanson's original bit of encouragement.

You'll be able to do this yourself with bzero 0.11 (coming soonish), BTW.
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