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ANNOUNCEMENT: bzero v0.10 now available

A message to all two or three of its loyal users: bzero v0.10 is out ;-)

The main change is that you can now create files under ~/.bzero/(blogname)/site/ and it will render them with the '' template (look in the /usr/local/lib/bzero/templates or ~/.bzero/(blogname)/templates/ directory) and upload them on top of your blog.

This lets you do more interesting things with your blog. For example, creating a directory called ~/.bzero/(blogname)/site/stories/ and putting .txt files in there will give you (more or less) Radio-style 'stories'.

Note: the files have to end in '.txt', and have to have lines at the top saying:

#title 'insert title here'
#date "today"

Those have to be right at the start of the file, and the title and date have to be valid Python strings -- "my title" and '2002-11-15' are OK. If you want to write a quote or an apostrophe, you can say, for example, "phil's title" or 'phil\'s title'.)

Here's what they look like when they get up to your site.

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